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Awea BM-1200 Spindle Motor Removal


Apr 3, 2023
Hello there

I have an Awea BM-1200 with Fanuc 18i control that has an particular issue with the spindle.

If I command an M3/M4 at lower RPM (below 3k RPM) I have no problems.
If I command a higher spindle speed (above 5k-6k RPM) I have the issue appear. When the spindle stops, either off an M5 command or reset on the operators panel. The control/drive initiates the braking and brings the motor to a dead stop. Voltage drops off the motor, all gears in the gearbox come to a dead stop. About a second later, the Fanuc motor will emit a high pitch resonance, resembling that of an ill tuned servo motor, or a servo that is being overloaded. The spindle will then revolve, at around 3-4rpm for 1-2 full revolutions.

I have tried a new spindle drive. I have tried a new speed sensor and feedback cable on the spindle motor. I now come to my current issue along this line of fault finding, which is to remove the spindle motor off the Z axis, to run it independent of the gearbox and isolate the cause of the residual revolutions. We opened the gearbox and there are no bolts in the main drive shaft of the gearbox that is attached to and underneath the motor, only balancing holes. We uncoupled the motor on its flange and began to lift it, assuming it is seated on a key in the shaft, it did not come easily, so we stopped there. We have no mechanical drawings, as the agent for Awea in our country is a very difficult person to deal with and has made a habit of stealing the Awea books from customers to ensure they have to phone him, as found out when checking with another customer with the same machine, and no drawings.

Firstly, if anyone could elucidate the issue of the spindle, running on its own after stopping from a higher RPM, that would be great, but otherwise if anyone has a mechanical manual, or exploded view diagram of the Awea BM1200 head assembly, that would also be a very great help.


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