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Axelson 18x45


Feb 27, 2021
Purchased an axelson 18x45 lathe last year and have been slowly going over it and fixing it up. My question is has anyone seen a single speed tailstock on an axelson? Serial number dates it to a 1939. I run 3 axelson lathes at work and they’re all 2 speed tailstocks, and my boss who's been machining (and around axelson lathes) for around 40 years as never seen a single speed tailstock. I have yet to find a manual that mentions it either. Curious if someone made something work or if it was an option.


Jan 25, 2005
Victoria, Texas, USA
The 16" x 32" Axelson dad had was a single speed tailstock. His lathe was a early one that did not have the thread dial in the saddle of the lathe. But the tailstock on his lathe we determine that it was not original to the lathe. So, there's a good chance yours may not be original to your lathe, too. Ken