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AXYZ Canned cycles ignore material offset


Jan 22, 2022

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I'm running an AXYZ 4008, using Fusion 360 as my CAM software, and using the generic AXYZ post processor that Fusion provides. I've encountered a weird problem.

The AXYZ controller sets it's G54 datum as the top of the spoil board then you can input a material thickness to represent the height of your material and bring your user datum up to the top of your stock.

Any milling operations (2D contour, pocketing, etc) correctly use the right datum. However all drilling operations dis-regard the user datum and revert to the top of the spoil board as Z0. Looking at the code the only difference is that the drilling operations use canned cycles. For example:

N21 G98 G81 X0 Y0 Z-4.152 R3.6 F200
N22 G80

So it would appear that the controller ignores the material off-set you've entered when running canned cycles. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

The post processor supplied with Fusion doesn't have the option of dissallowing canned cycles and forcing the CAM software to "hard code" the output. So this has left me quite stuck!

I'm not sure if this is a software, PP, or controller issue.

I'd welcome anybodies thoughts and expertise.