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AXYZ Pacer 4008 Start Issues


Nov 12, 2021
AXYZ Pacer 4008 Start Issues.

Hoping someone can help with this issue as AXYZ tech support hasn't found a solution yet.

When pushing the Start button to turn the machine on it powers up but only stays on until the button is released. We have had this issue in the past and it happens when an E-Stop is pushed. I have checked continuity at all of the E-Stops and they check as good and are all in the operation position. I also checked the On/OFF buttons and they are in working order. Tech support had me triple check the above and started testing other things. Found the contactor was not receiving the 24V needed to keep the machine running. Tested the coil and determined correct voltage leaving coil and entering controller. Determined pin outs of the controller that should supply the 24V were not. They determined Control Board was probably bad. Sent Overnight to CANADA to have them say board was checking as good. They are sending the board back with the E-Stop circuit bypassed.

Has anyone had similar issues or think they may be able to point us in the right direction? Any ideas or help would be appreciated!
Just an update on the machine status.

The board was returned with a jumper bypassing the E-Stop circuit. Board installed and the machine started correctly. Removed jumper to verify E-Stop circuit as area of problem only to have the machine start fine. Ran machine without issues yesterday with the jumper removed and the E-Stop circuit operating correctly.

Today starting problem returned. Hours later and I still have not had a response from tech support with suggestions. Do any of you have any?