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B&S 2L bearing question


Dec 4, 2010
McClure, PA 17059
My B&S 2L is listed on the Name Plate attached at the top of the spindle as being a Plain Bearing machine. However there is no oil cup nor a hole to mount it and no pipe plug on the opposite side the manual states as acceptable to relocate the oil cup if desired on the other side. I assume I have a replacement spindle installed since the manual states they are interchangeable. The Antifriction-bearing is belt not direct motor type. Runs great but I'm wondering if there is a way to add lubricant? Yes it's supposed to be lubricated for life but how long is life? If my memory is correct when I checked SN it was made in 1956 (been quite a while since I checked) The machine is 66 years old! I'm thinking if I can add a little oil it wold help old grease that is probably drying. I had another lubricated for life spindle that when rotated felt as if bearing were bad, was kinda bumpy. worked great with no issues. I filled the top of the spindle with Kroil mixed wit spindle oil, not much at best it was 1/16 deep X 3" round. Oil disappeared while machine was not used for 2 weeks (not intentional other machinery was needed for work at hand) I refilled it with spindle oil until I noticed small amount of oil on lower end. Spindle spins free now, no bumps. Grinder has Horizontal spindle so I can't do it. Any suggestions?