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B&S 2l surface grinder info


Dec 4, 2010
McClure, PA 17059
Needing to make quite a few spacers I'll be grinding them to exact length and flatness (sides must be parallel) on my B&S 2L grinder. I'm interested in knowing all the lubrication points since the grinder will be running for long periods. I don't use the grinder much and know I put oil in every location when I got the machine but can't remember if there was Gits oil fitting on the belt pulleys. I have the owners manual but only lubrication info is to keep the oil reservoir full, no mention of the Gits fitting on the cross feed nor the reservoir on the spindle feed. I have the life time lubricated spindle bearing. Are there more locations? Grease fittings? The back of the machine is not easy to get to, purchased other machinery that clutters-up access to the back but will move them if necessary!
QT OP (To make quite a few spacers)
For a run of parts it is good to make spotters, one might be a aready finished part.
*One can put a tab of painted masking tape so to give a .003 warning of nearing size.and have a grease pencel mark under the tape for .0003 near size.
*One might down feed a parked wheel to rub the part , so knowing the down dial number that makes size.
*One might note the wheel wear for grinding a part, and the fighure to take some of that befor pulling the next part to measure
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M. buck; What I'm doing is described in General topic, page 2 .014 slitting saw Feed in SS and in Fabrication under Slitting SS pipe Original post was moved there by moderator when someone thought cutting it with wire would work.
Thanks for the owners manual but my machine is newer. Table of continence in my manual does list page 27 as lubrication but none is the same as in your manual. Listed on the machine states Anti Friction bearings are lubricated for life, there are no provisions to add lubricant. On the left side is an oil reservoir that holds at least 2 quarts of oil, a pump and a filter. Also there is a sight glass and reservoir for oil for the spindle feed handle shaft and probably the gears and screw. No door on the front, an opening with screw-on cover. Rear is the same, spindle is driven with flat belt but has screw-on cover. Only Gits oil fitting is on the cross feed handle housing. But I didn't remove the covers mentioned above.
Yes the chuck that came with the grinder was ground, only needed light skim cut. Spacers I'm making will support .014" slitting saws, +/.- .001" is good enough but I want them parallel. Spacer OD 2-3/8", cutter OD 2-3/4", 1.000" bore being put on new Bison 1" Horz. Mill arbor.
Turn the spacers and bore the hole, face of spacer is finished with new sharp carbide positive insert. I saw cut the spacers then chuck the bore in small 6 Jaw chuck to face saw cut side to .190" and .365" Then put the finished saw cut side on the grinder chuck and grind flat, Pink wheel .002"/cut then spark out. Flip over and grind to size, Micrometer check using Starrett 238 1" micrometer, spacers are parallel to less than .0005" Space between line on the 238 thimble is at least .1", is only .001 reading but do have carbide faced 238 with .0001 vernier. Didn't think I needed it.
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