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Baileigh Cold Saws


Sorry to hijack, "no" is the short answer to your question.

I did get some amusement after seeing the "smiley face" on their ironworkers, though :)


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I believe they are chinese. At least, I have heard that rumor.
Although they arent priced like it- $3800 for the 350mm is almost in euro prices.
Email or PM Matt, who posts here as QualityMachineTools- he said once he had been in the factory, and I believe he sells a similar low priced asian cold saw.

Real german or italian ones cost more money, but have proven themselves to be worth it over many years.
I sure have no complaints bout my Haberle.


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Thanks Matt and Ries. The wide selection of machinery on their web site would indicate a large amount of potential sales. Yet not much recognition here. Kind of strange.


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I wish I had the disposable income right now to get a cold saw. They are so nice for cutting tubing especially very thin walled stuff.

Its funny how I was just on that website a few hours ago looking at the tube bender.