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Baileigh Industrial.....Any experience with their equipment?

A lot of what they sell is just rebadged Chinese stuff, if you look around it can be found much cheaper from other suppliers.

I also have a BS-210 mitering bandsaw. It runs full time in my shop, and has done so without issue for over 5 years. Surprisingly accurate for a drop saw. We also have a 50ton ironworker and a small tube roller from them, which we are also pleased with. I think some of their machines are better than others, in terms of value and performance. I wouldn't buy a lathe from them, for example. What are you looking at specifically?

We have 3 of their machines at school. A cold saw, and two machines for working pipe.
One is for cutting "fish mouths" and the other for bending. I haven't used them myself
but they seem to be OK.
Old thread but putting in my 2 cents. We bought a small chamfer machine for 1/4" plates. The centrifugal switch in the motor came apart in less than a year of infrequent use. They are sending a new motor under warranty. Not real impressed myself but the company's happy with no set up time for this partcular job.