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Bar Saw Questions from a Newbie

Russ R

Mar 11, 2022
I own a specialty metals company (Metal Supply Company, Exotic Alloys, Aerospace Metals) and this past year we decided to make the investment in a large automated bar saw and a 10 ft. power shear.

They have both been amazing additions to our in-house capability.

My question is about bar cutting. With our Kasto we are able to cut up to 17.5" Dia. bar but what we can't do is cut bundles of multiple bars.

This was something I had not thought would be an issue when I made my purchase. I just assumed I could strap large bundles of bars together and let the saw do its thing.


First time I tried that the bundle shifted, the cuts were off and the saw blade broke :eek:

I am told that there is an attachment that I can buy for our saw that will chuck bars tightly enough to perform this task - but it's 20 grand.

At this point I am thinking about maybe buying a second saw on the used market if there is some type of saw more suited to this kind of work.

I certainly can't feed 800 bars of 12 ft. length into my saw one-at-a-time.

Any recommendations or at least an education?