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Barn find 9x36 for parts


Jun 26, 2012
Two Rivers, Wi.
So heres the barn find lathe that going for parts. It sat inside a barn protected only by the oil that was used to lube it maybe 50 years ago. All the gearing looks to have little to no wear except the main shaft has some worn teeth. I couldnt find any broken teeth anywhere. The half nuts look like new and the compound skirt runs only off the half nut lever. NO direction lever or clutch star. Its all done on the gear drive end.

I bought this for parts as my 1948 "C"(?) model had some one force the back gear eccentric and break off one end of the trunnion. This one is good and I already have a spare headstock frame which Ill probably use as its already stripped down and pretty clean. This winters' project LOL.

The 3 jay chuck has NO makers mark on it. Its a little stiff from sitting but is not frozen. NO T handle included. I used a 1/4" drive ratchet to check operation. Mounting threads are dirty, but appear perfect. I didnt have to force it off.

The stuff is not free... its a reasonable offer plus shipping. The like new cross compound shaft, gib keys and large dial went out today for 25.00 to give you an idea. It looked like new.

The 1/4 HP motor looks OEM, and the large aluminum pulley has a single step only. The flat belt pulleys need to be cleaned; they are the most rust damaged parts on this unit. The pulley and shaft frame looks great.

Im going to post like 5 pics at a time. PM me with thoughts or ideas. Regards, Bill in TR, Wi.View attachment 330458View attachment 330459View attachment 330461