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Basic Gear Hobbing Query


Hot Rolled
Sep 30, 2014
Midway, GA, USA

You had my first attempt quoted so I just changed my original. Then I looked and it changed the quoted image, too.

I'll fix that.

Not being able to sharpen = planned obsolescence:)

I should have angled the backside of these teeth outward instead of making them look like a Mercury Turnpike Cruiser.

Apr 14, 2018
Airstrip One, Oceania
instead of making them look like a Mercury Turnpike Cruiser.
First time we went up the Alcan there was one of those running about the same, saw it several times. Turns out that family had a daughter, about sixteen, one class above me ... she was pretty hot, liked drag racing. She drove it to school once in a while.

Never rob a bank in a Breezeway Mercury, they are pretty distinctive :D


Jan 8, 2018
Wouldn't work.

Maybe. Look at this:

In this case, the 48dp cutter is working beyond its intended pitch diameter, so the tooth-space angles are exaggerated.

What it's for will determine if it will work (I would buy the right hob).

Wow, amazing graphic, thanks! I'm going to try this - was the idea I had in mind but your video has visualized it wonderfully. Thought I could work out the distance between teeth, male an initial cut and the shift the sideways by exactly half a tooth. Will try, may well save me £100s. Thanks!

Zahnrad Kopf

Apr 5, 2010
Tropic of Milwaukee
With the prices they get and the ridiculous delivery times, you'd think some small shop would get into that field. Hint hint.[

Heavens to Mergatroid, no. And in THIS economy? Hell to the no. It's enough to be able to satisfy the Engineers that just HAVE to have the super special oddball Pitch, Pressure Angle, Asymmetrical Tooth Form, or all of the above. But to do it in a way that it's actually economical and be able to make a profit while selling them to other gear shops...? Can't see that beach from here.

The real question is why can't we get the same work ( that you speak of ) done in quality materials? Hobs that would actually last. Probably sell one or two more.

Hope you're well.