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Becker No 3 vertical mill - "restoration"

That looks a good arrangement. How are you going to get the belt around the uprights?

My old mill did not have that piece on there. That was something that R-P did when they took them over I bet you. Much nicer design from the older version IMO.

It so happens I've been carrying around the handwheel all the years that is identical to your. If you ever need one, I have it stashed out here somewhere.;)
How are you going to get the belt around the uprights?
I am making pulley from plywood to see if its diameter enough to get it around. Will mount it tomorrow and post picture.

Regarding handweel - would be lovely to have one if shipping cost is not prohibitive.
Regarding handweel - would be lovely to have one if shipping cost is not prohibitive.
I'm fixing to leave town on business, won't be back until late next week. I'll see if I can find it after I get back. Meantime, PM me your shipping address. I'm guessing a large flat rate box to ship it in.
Not too much progress over weekend - black and red currant berries are ready and we picked it up and spent a lot of time processing it :) . Still a lot to go , though

Was abbe to determined and made wooden pulleys for the motor, keeping in mind that belt need to clear bracket of the spindle. I also made two steps with same ratio as spindle pulleys steps to keep belt tension constant. I know, I need a V profile for this belt - later...

Your mill was identical to mine ...
Ken, may be you remember how gibs on knee and on X slide were adjusted. Mine has just three bolts each that pulling gib to the body with no any counter nuts or jamming nuts (or any other) to keep it evenly pressed to the dovetail. So I can just tighten those bolts until knee or X is completely bound to the ways
Drive fitting is delayed a bit and, meanwhile, I put knee, cross-slide and table on. I was was searching for oiling channels in the table ways and I finally discovered it after cleaning all rust, grime and yuck. It is in quite unusual place - right inside T-slot. You can see "OIL" stamped in the T-slot. It is plugged with grabscrew and key is stripped off - wonderful. I will have to drill it out and fit next size grabscrew. Are there ideas to arrange better oiling system ? table-oil-1.jpgTable-oil-2.jpg
Slow but steady progress. I casted and machined alum pulley. Used an existing flywheel from treadmill - made a sliding fit with two bolts holding it firmly from the back. flyweheel_pulley .jpg
Here is a second reiteration on motor mount - motor is running and spindle is rotating - mill is actually milling :) . Two issues that I found that need to be addressed:
1. Moving motor up and down is a real pain. Very inconvenient and clumsy. having something in mind - see below.
2. Pulley reduction is 1:4 , however motor is still bogs down when I am cutting, especially while cutting with face mill - too much load. Need some electronics with constant speed function. Motor has optical encoder combined with fan - PID controller with microprocessor should help. Project for the winter.

Motor_mount .jpg

Now, regarding motor mount - on a local junkyard I pickup cheap XY vise for drill. I don't need it as I a having mill (almost :) ) . I probably can make a vertical motor adjustment and belt tensioner out of this - any advice will be appreciated.