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Best Abrasives? Flap Discs, Cut off Wheels, Grinding Wheels?


Nov 28, 2023
What's everyone using for abrasives? I'm talking about for use with 4" hand grinders, 7" hand grinders etc. I've had good luck with most Walters brand flapper discs, they seem to last the longest out of anything we've tried, cutoff wheels we really like Viper 4" wheels, but they are hard to find. I'm not sure if they quit making them or what, but the last couple packages i found to buy were on Ebay. I tend to like ordering in bulk because all our local vendors have garbage brands like Forney that are already thinking about wearing out when your putting them on.
I have only found a few walter products, and its always expensive. Beenusing klingspoor for 30 years, buy direct from them. High quality and they will make up any size or type of disc, belt or sheet.
I've never heard of Klingspoor. Do their discs out last the Walters? I just had to look up their website and their flap discs at $8.54 each, I'm getting the same size & type Walters disc for $6.60 each. The Forney flap disc at our local supplier are around $3.99 each but they are junk. The Walters will last 4 times as long or more.
My favorite SG wheel is a Carborundum 46 I
A white aluminum Oxide 1 1/4 hole 8" diamerter (but they are used so less than 8")
Picked them up at an aucton and they prover to be great Chuck grinding wheels.
A few guys here have tried them and agree they hold up very well and run cooler that most if not all the wheels I have tried.😊.

Wheels are so different...one a 46 k brown Bay State wheel ran like a fire cracker..it ran so hot that it took the temper out of a citter edge and I almost lost a good customer. Likely that Bay State wheel is a favorite for some guy running a wet production thick part the can asorb the heat.
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Another vote for Walter abrasives. I'll be the first to say they are spendy, but do they ever last so much longer than the others. Worked at a shop that thought that Radnor was the way to go...it works yes, but they went through many more times the abrasives. Used a lot of flap wheels for finishing and the house brand loaded up faster and worked slower on top of not lasting as long. Did you really save any money? Couldn't get enough product out the door so in reality, labor was very expensive as it was completely the limiting factor for shop production. Welders should be welding, not spending hours grinding welds for paint. I tried to convince them that the better quality abrasives made them more money but I wouldn't be heard.
My local welding supply mentioned that Walter is having problems delivering product at the moment. Hopefully just a hiccup. It's what I supply for my shop's flap discs.