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Best CNC Manufacturers and Technologies to implement


Aug 26, 2021
Hey guys, we're looking to set up a new machine shop with new CNC machines. Till date we have been using 3- axis VMCs (some with 4th axis attachments), a 4 axis HMC and a CNC Lathe (approx 10 years old)
We are now looking to add newer machines and technology to our shop.
I have two questions I would like your help with:
1) Machine Manufacturers - While we did try out Haas, our experience has not been great at all with the machines going into breakdown too often for our liking. Further, their support team here is not great either. Can y'all recommend some of the manufacturers that y'all admire/ give the best bang for your buck.
2) Technologies - Unfortunately our current space still operates without much learning about the newer technologies that exist in the space (e.g. we are still grappling with CAD/CAM). Obviously this will all be changing in our new project. Can you recommend any such technologies we should definitely keep an eye out for?
We do high precision work with tolerances being down to 1 thou.

Thanks for your help.