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Best tool for removing heavy duty speared c-clips?


Feb 3, 2019
I know there has to be a better way and so far I have not found it. I have a K&T 4K that has several 1/8th inch heavy duty c clips that I have had to pry off, I can eventually get them off but it's not pretty and I usually deform the clips in the process. Was wondering if you have any better suggestions on what is the best tool/process to get these suckers off. I attached a picture of one on my knee that I need to pull as a reference.



Mar 12, 2021
This style clip is very common in automotive transmissions. If the few different tools I’ve used for these I mostly prefer the Snap-on variety. In a pinch I have used the pin style snap ring pliers. That truck works well on the lighter circlips but the heavier they are the more useful the correct tool becomes.