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Best YouTube Cad tutorials?


Dec 14, 2017
I have practically zero patience for watching youtube tutorials on anything. Way too much time wasted compared to following a written or interactive tutorial. If the creator of the video talks quickly and doesn't pad the video with unrelated crap then it's bearable, but that is basically never the case, and in particular most of them talk so f*****ng sloooooooooowly that I just can't bear to listen to them.

There is also the low barrier to entry to consider. Any man and his dog can make a video on youtube, and it takes a LOT less effort to do than writing a book. As a result, the content of youtube tutorials is usually massively lower quality than what is included with the software by the people who made it, or by someone who took the effort to write a book about it.

If the software you are trying to learn doesn't have built in tutorials, buy a book. You will get proficient in a fraction of the time compared to learning from youtube.
100% agree. You tube learning is my last resort. I'm pretty sure this is a generational/age thing. That and so many dummies can post whatever, right or wrong, and do so unapologetically.

Maybe if you can find an authoritative poster you tube is a good way to get an overview of what can be done with CAD, but I can't imagine sitting through myriad vids to find detail when comprehensive, indexed, searchable help is available. Hoping to find the detail I need in a vid that hopefully has that specific detail is pretty poor use of my valuable time.