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Big Vise on eBay, it this for real?

As with every rare and/or unusual item on eBay or Craigslist there may be someone out there who really wants it and is willing to pay that price--a really slim chance in this case. It may be neat but as a functional tool I'll take a big ol' Wilton--for a fifth or less of that price--any day...
you realize you can buy a new Yost with very similar (completely similar?) for vastly less money?

What model is that? I found some expensive vises on the Yost website, but nothing like the fancy patented Emmert.

This is the most expensive Yost I found, at $2861. 8" Machinist Vise, Swivel Base - Made in USA - Products

Second most expensive, at $2530 is this odd one, not in the Made in USA section. I had not known that anyone made a stainless steel vise. I wonder if welded 304 plate construction makes a vise strong enough to be useful in a real shop. Maybe it is for food service. 6" Stainless Steel Combination Pipe & Bench Vise, Swivel Base - Stainless Steel - Bench Vises - Products

Their rotating jaw vise looks like the Taiwan vise I bought around 35 years ago for $50. It is not a duplicate of the Emmert. At $249, I bet it is made in China like the other low price Yost products. Multi-Jaw Rotating Combination Pipe and Bench Vise, Swivel Base - Multi Function Vise - Bench Vises - Products

Well, he's probably right that none of us have ever seen one. A quick google search and the only pics that come up are from his listing.

42 people watching. You never know if they are watching because they are thinking about getting it, or if they are watching because they are thinking "yea, dream on about getting that much".

Anyway, it will be interesting to see if it sells.

Seems to be a new strategy on ebay. List for an extreme price and put the best offer option. Then I guess you can take the best offer that comes along. I have noticed several auctions like this lately.
The add says he is refurbishing it to "MAKE A MUSEUM PIECE OUT OF IT". This is basically a presale add, or "IF YOU WANT TO BUY AS IS, MAKE THAT OFFER". Considering all the damage to the jaws and such, I would say the price is right for the work that would go into making it a museum quality piece. With the rarity and age of it, it should be in a museum.

If you wanted to actually use a vise with the same positioning features, you could make one from solid stock for half of what he is asking.
That vise looks like it was rusted to pieces and then sand blasted to death. It is a real Emmert vise,but he won't get my money for that sand blasted piece of iron !!!
I have heard that ther are people making casting moulds to make this vise ? I have seen a few and been told that they sell in the $500-$1200. I dont know how many sizes they made the ones I have seen have been smaller than that one. for $3900 you would think it would be new in the shipping crate. Ken http://www.mprime.com/Emmert/index.htm

Thank you so much. I didn't have nay luck finding it, and I appreciate your efforts.

Obviously, as in any development, there were a lot of changes between the beginning and the actual final product.
It was a very well designed unit.

Lee (the saw guy)
Is that a big crack in this photo?

Is that a big crack in this photo?

sure it looks like one...wonder how much he would want without it :). This whole thing was not whether he is right to ask the price, this was a ...Damn is that really that desirable? post to start with

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