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Black Oxide on SS 304 looking for tips on improving appearance and coverage


Oct 18, 2005
right so what's point to black oxide stainless, just to make them pretty, as a matter fact being its a solution
it could cause detrimental effects. stainless does and can get corrosion. salt spray is one.

carbon steel even with black oxide will corrode if not oiled properly right.
we have oil parts to prevent corrosion, hey but they look pretty.

Try reading post #12 sir.....


Sep 14, 2012
Ive done the cold "black oxide" kits from caswell on stainless gun parts, both old and new, and like you've found, its hit or miss with the color. I tried different cleaning solutions, blasting, suspension, etc. No change. Even the ones that were nice were not durable.
Sent some parts out ( cast stainless m1 garand cylinders) for stainless hot blackening with a gun shop that uses Brownells Oxinate 84, they all came back beautiful and the finish was durable.
Also have you thought about having them Melonited? then you'd have the added bonus of better surface hardness and durability. All my Melonited parts look great.

Thanks for the suggestions, I appreciate it.
I think Melonite looks very interesting/promising I was not aware of this process - Thanks I will try this out

I was not aware of the Brownell Oxynate 84, this also sounds like it is worth trying.
We are looking to have this done by an outside vendor so we don't bring these chemicals in house.
I also see the temps need to operate at 240-270 degrees, which we probably would struggle with.
In the past we used Caswell anodize processes and chemicals, and found we struggled maintaining high temps in our shop.
I will look for a vendor to help with this and ask Brownell if they have anybody to recommend.

Thanks for these suggestions, I appreciate it!