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Blanchard Grinder magnetic chuck issue

Duck Waddell

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I'm looking for information on repair of a magnetic chuck on a Blanchard Grinder. My first visit to repair it the issue was it would come on when you turned it on but it wouldn't always cut of when you cut it off. Now the end user says it doesn't come on either. When you have it on and look in the electrical cabinet you can see a small motor running with an adjustment knob under it. Behind the motor you can see a large contactor that is slowly moves in and out . I'm not sure its supposed to be doing that . The brand of the chuck is Electro matic. I cant get any support out of them since its so old. Where do I begin with trying to get this thing to work properly? Blanchard.jpg
I’d throw that old controller in the garbage and buy a modern replacement. I have a new controller for my No.11 Blanchard sitting on the shelf for this very reason. Pretty sure it was only $200 shipped off eBay. The last thing you want is a magnet letting loose and someone getting hurt. It only takes a second for parts and wheel to go flying everywhere.


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The motor moving in and out is most likely for pole reversing to demagnetise work when it is shut off. It takes a few cycles before you can remove the work. Don't know about Blanchards but mine has two off positions.One dosn't use the de-mag cycle called residual. Allows to pull parts for inspection without demagnetising the parts.

The demag cycle only works when you turn off the chuck, not when you turn it on or to residual. So if it works when you first turn it on then you have a switching or contact problem.