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Blanchard Magnet Not Holding Intermittently

Rapol Inc

Jun 29, 2023
Hello All,

We bought a pretty old Blanchard 18-36 and the magnet has stopped working intermittently.
Some days it hold for a few hours, other days we can get it to work at all.
I'm able to measure voltage from the leads and I'm getting 120V DC OR 70V AC (not sure how its powered) even when its not working.

I was hoping to inspect the cable going to the actual magnet but cant figure out how to get the table off (we don't have a manual for this machine).
Someone mentioned there should be a bolt in the middle of the table but I can't seem to find anything in there. Just seems like its a blind hole.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
If I was to hazard a guess the brushes to the magnet are worn out. Otherwise your power supply may have an intermittent open.
Likely brushes my guess also.
This causes weird behavior like you are seeing.
The chuck pulls off straight up. Nothing is holding it but gravity. Fork lift, crane or maybe a two cherry pickers and chains.
Some chucks will have holes in the sides to put in bolts. Some have nothing and you sling around the bottom of the chuck outside.
Be careful not to let it tilt or it will bind hard on the sides.
Does this machine have a motorized Neutrol on it?
When you checked and found the 120 VDC going to the chuck was it working right then or not?
Every Blanchard chuck I have seen wants 110 or 220 DC. This can normally be changed on the bottom of the mag chuck with wiring it series or parallel.
Another failure point on older Blanchards is the motorized spider in the chuck controller.
This is how the demag cycle works and the contacts get burnt or corroded.
This also gives the works sometimes and not other times.
Maybe cycle until not working and check the wires to the chuck for voltage.
This end is so much easier to fix. For me this side went a few (many) times before the brushes went to shit.
I have never seen a wire failure between the controller and chuck. Anything can happen but my machine that was WWII tagged still has the original cable here.

If you need to go after the brushes I would not remove the table. Just take off the sheet metal and pull the chuck up and off of the table.
This thing is round, big and heavy. Be very, very careful. Safety wood blocks, cross chains/straps while doing it and all that type stuff.
This can go south fast.

I hope some help here. Pulling the chuck is ... a real task.
I can not say enough about care and safety. Once out the big thing may want to flip for no darn reason at all.
Next thing is that you may want to flip it to clean or look at the bottom side. That is scary fun also on a chuck this size.
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It was fixed just before I got it. The person that fixed it is a member here. Maybe he'll explain what happe\ned.
I do this with hesitation , There is no way I want to take on or piss off a respected guy here.

Fixed before I got it and I do not know the what or why does not help the OP in any sense.
We all want to try to help this guy out of a problem.
Perhaps this unknown guy should speak about the fix and why.
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