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BMT55 tool holder and rotating gripper for turret of Lynx 2600M


Oct 23, 2021
Hi, all!

For some time I have been on a quest to find a company that manufactures BMT55 tool holder and a rotating hand gripper for a turret of Lynx 2600M, and I couldn't find such a manufacturer. So my question would be, if someone by chance knows a company that manufactures such accessories. The closest to my needs that I found was a rotating robot hand offered by Mario Pinto, but after I contacted them, they answered me that they do not produce it anymore. Below this paragraph you can see an image of the their rotating robotic hand.


To visually clarify my needs, attached you can find screenshots of the products I am looking for. They are taken from this video on Doosan's YouTube channel:


I would really appreciate, if someone helps me with my quest!

Thanks in advance!