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BMT65 Live Holders, Dual or Triple Head

Nov 18, 2004
McDonald, Pennsylvania
Do you guys have recommendations for dual or triple head BMT65 Live Holders? I've seen some over the past year in catalogs, but now that I need some, I am not coming up with any results in my searching, I have been at it for hours.

I am also looking for dual 1/2 index 1" Holders. I found some Lyndex Nikken, but they are the top screw clamp type, I would prefer the wedge if anyone makes that. I find myself having to remove the entire holder from the next station to change out tooling with that top screw clamp type. Not the end of the world, but those blocks are heavy.


Hot Rolled
Dec 16, 2011
I have MD Toolings catalog for Doosan machines. They have dual and triple radial live holders and double axial live holders in BMT65.

They have the static holder you are looking for, but it's for 3/4" shank tools. The main pocket uses the wedge, but the angled, 1/2 index pocket uses the top screws.