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Books for sale, list #5


Sep 28, 2002
Salinas, CA USA
Hi, from List 5 if avail as best I see, i’ll Take:
* Entropy of Steam, Essential Steampower reprint 1906 -$5
* Steam Engine Projects for the Young Mechanic, 1871 -$5
* The Journal of the Society for Model &Experimental Engineers, May1990 -$1
* The Art of Thread Design, Mark Jansen -$4
* Metalworkers Benchtop Reference Manual, J. Serafin -$10
Sending Pm and email to cc, Robert in FL

Entropy of Steam and Metalworkers Benchtop Reference Manual are both sold. The others are available.

email sent.


Sep 28, 2002
Salinas, CA USA
Current list of available books from list #5:

    • New Home Workshop Encyclopedia, Popular Science, 1944, Hardbound, good (stains on cover), $5
    • Workshop Hints & Tips, Geometer, Model Engineer Handbook, 1957, paperback, good, $6
    • 40 Power Tools You Can Make, Popular Mechanics, 1948, Hardbound with dust jacket, very good, $5
    • Home Workshop Tools and Projects, Popular Science, 1953, paperback, good, $5
    • Everybody’s Home Workshop Encyclopedia, Popular Science, 1948, Hardbound, very good, $5
    • Lg. Manila envelope containing Pootatuck Corp. Pamphlet, Build Your Own Machine Tools We Supply the Castings, along with Plans. $25 for all. Plans included average about 4 pages each, listed below:
      • Six Inch Stroke Bench Crank Shaper
      • Milling Machine Accessories
      • No. 10 Bench Milling Machine
      • 7 inch Swing Bench Lathe
      • Modelmaker Bench Lathe
      • Tyro Bench Lathe
      • Caldwell Industries No. 1 Bench Milling Machine
      • Caldwell Industries No. 2 Bench Milling Machine
    • Lg. envelope containing Downriver Tools Box Tool and Balance Tool Plans. No castings required, fully dimensioned drawings, $20
    • The Big Book of Kites, Jim Rowlands, St. Martin’s Press, 1988, isbn 0-312-02047-3, paperback, very good, $3
    • Kites for Everyone, Margaret Greger, 1984, paperback, very good, $3
    • The Gliding Flight, John M. Collins, Ten Speed Press, 1989, isbn 0-89815-313-1, paperback, very good, $2
    • Jet-Age Jamboree, Complete Collection of Paper Airplanes, Yasuaki Ninomiya, Japan Publications, 1968, Hardbound, very good, $30
    • 25 Kites that Fly, Leslie L. Hunt, Dover reprint of 1927 Ed., isbn 0-486-22550-x, paperback, good, $1
    • Pinecar How-to Book, Formula for Building and Racing Pinecars, 1995, paperback, very good, $3
    • String Sculpture, John Winter, Creative Publications, 1972, paperback, very good, $3
    • Simple Cardboard Models, G.H. Deason, Model & Allied Publications, 1969, paperback, very good, $11
    • Re-Designing a Headstock, Molding a Cone Pulley, Projects from American Machinist, undated, Lindsay Publications reprint, $2
    • Simple Working Models of Historic Machines, Aubrey F. Burstall, Edward Arnold Pub., 1970, paperback, very good, $5
    • English and American Lathes, Joseph G. Horner, Lindsay Publications reprint of 1900 edition, paperback, very good, $5
    • Planer Operations, J. W. Barritt, Lindsay Publications reprint of 1937 edition, paperback, very good, $5
    • The Home Workshop Manual, Arthur Wakeling, Popular Science, 1939, Hardbound, some foxing on inside cover papers, $5
    • Amateur Work Illustrated Articles: Lathe-Making for Amateurs, Lathe Building for Amateurs and Lathe Chucks for Amateurs, Lindsay Publications reprint of the 1880’s articles, isbn 1-55918-368-3, paperback, very good, $4
    • Router Craft, George R. Drake, Black & Decker, 1979, spiral bound, good, $4
    • Aids to Workshop Practice, C. T. Bower, Odham’s, 1958, Hardbound with dust jacket, very good, $7
    • Mechanic’s Notebook #1,2,3,16,17,24, Shaping Machines, Furnaces & Glass-Melting, Dividing Machine, Pechey’s Mangle, Saw Mills, American Machinist 1901 Hints and tips, Lindsay Publications reprints, $6 for all 6
    • Milling in the Lathe, Edgar T. Westbury, Model Aeronautical Press, 1967, paperback, good, $6
    • Getting the Most out of your Band Saw and Scroll Saw, DeltaCraft, 1954, Hardbound, good some yellowing of pages, $5
    • Getting the Most out of your Drill Press, DeltaCraft, 1954, Hardbound, good some yellowing of pages, ex-library, $4
    • Workshop Precision Grinding, Factors Governing Production with Practical Hints on care and Operation of Machines, Churhill Machine Tool Co., 1939, Hardbound, very good, $13
    • How to Design and Build Your Own Custom Robot, David L. Heiserman, TAB, 1981, Paperback, good, $6
    • The Complete Handbook of Sand Casting, A Do-it Yourself Guide to Forming All Types of Metal in Versatile Sand Molds, C.W. Ammen, TAB, 1979, isbn 0-8306-1043-x, paperback, good, $5
    • Building a Small Lathe, L.C. Mason, MAP, 1977, paperback, very good, $12
    • The Drilling Machine, Ian Bradley, MAP, 1973, isbn 0-852-42263-6, Hardbound with dust jacket, very good, $6
    • Do-It Yourself Vacuum Forming, Douglas E. Walsh, 1998, paperback, very good, $11

James H Clark

May 11, 2011
southern in.
Rimcanyon: I think that I am done ordering. You can send me a bill when it is convenient. How do you want to be paid? Thanks.

James Clark
257seven E. Tennyson Rd.
Boonville, In., 47six01