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Boring Bars / Holder / Super Spacer / Broaches / Dickson Toolholders


Jul 31, 2004
Southeast Michigan
Ok, if you need a boring bar, I've probably got it.

A big azz 1" boring bar with holder, $60, likely Armstrong or Williams, but not sure as it's not marked

Dickson type toolholders, qty 6, $150

Broaches (I've got various wide broaches, they are surplus to me, make offer)

Yuasa Super Spacer, 6", Hor/Ver, $400

Solid Carbide Boring Bars, $30-$90 (not going to photo or sort unless there is interest)


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i would be interested in the boring bar, without the holder, if that is something that you would separate.

I can take whatever measurement you like or photos, but I am not 100% that they are made by Dickson. There are no makers marks on these, and the finish is not what I would consider first class. I will tell you they came out of a shop that had multiple Colchesters, so that is my reason for assuming Dixon.
I am interested in the broaches and possibly the boring bars. How many boring bars and how are you pricing them? How many broaches and what do you want for them?

I am in SE MI as well. I think I bought a pump from you a few weeks ago.
Is it just me, or does that super spacer look like a simple spacer? I thought the super spacers had the worm drive handle (such as on a rotary table) while the simple spacer did not? Just an observation that probably doesn't matter as it is sold.
It's an accudex by Yuasa.

The broaches that I have that I know I'm selling are all going to be wide broaches, like 2-4" wide. I'm really looking at 2x scrap cost, which is pretty cheap...

I may also have some square broaches that I'm going to sell, but I have to go through them closer and decide what I want to save. I know I want at least a 3/8" square. I will PM everybody later.

Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth yesterday, I've got a 2 month old and have been going on 3 hours of sleep a night for well...2 months. It finally caught up with me last night with a monster migraine. Went to bed at 4 and got up just now at 6.
Get some sleep.

I'm interested in the square broaches. The 2-4" wide wont do much for me. Let me know.
Overall length and height, and peak to peak of the v-grooves.



OAL 3.875"
Peak of outer male V, ~3.55"
Width 1.567"
Height 1.934"

All measured with a chinese digital caliper

Distance between the V grooves seems to be approx 3.22", but I didn't bring in dowel pins to measure appropriately.

Beneath a layer of crusty grease I found "Colchester" then below it says "SER 8-3119 BD"
Thanks for the sizes.
My toolblock is the next size up which is what I suspected from the photo.

I will have to pass on those. I will pass on the info to a friend who has that size toolblock. IMHO that is a good price even if they are shopmade and a little rough.