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Boyar Schultz grinder How does one remove the saddle from ? seems like it should be easy after removing a couple of socket heads, but is not for me.


Mar 16, 2023
How does one remove the saddle from a 618 ? seems like it should be easy after removing a couple of socket heads, but is not working for me.
Hmmm.. I wonder how I got it into Plastic. Thanks for moving it.


The drawing indicates to me that the saddle should lift off after the two socket heads are removed that fix the cross slide nut to the saddle, That would be consistent with the table lifting off without disconnecting anything, they would not have added complexity to a scheme that was working well. It seems like there might be a dowel or taper pin or two lurking near the screws, but I cannot see anything obvious. There is a divot by the two socket heads that might be the top of a pin, I doubt it is the pointy end. It certainly can't be withdrawn from the top but I am reluctant to whack on it if it is actually a taper pin pointed down. Maybe it is a dowel. I would have put a taper pin there, with some way of extracting it.

Mystery solved. A better examination of the drawings hinted that there may be more bolts. Sure enough, after you lift the hydraulic cylinder, creating an oily mess, there are a two more bolts. Thanks for the attention. Maybe this will help someone, someday.

Now I have to figure out what o-rings to replace the cylinder.


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Mar 27, 2005
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Thanks Charlie.

JCarr, post the model of your machine and a relevant photo or two and I'll see if I can't help you figure it out if nobody else has already done one.

Just speaking generally, you've got to either remove the cross feed screw or unfasten the nut from the bottom of the saddle to be able to lift off the saddle on most machines.