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Boyar Schultz Model G Fixutre


Sep 21, 2005
Northern California
I keep thinking I am missing the obvious.

The Boyar Schultz Model G fixture sets the compond angles on a 3/8" 1/2" box turning tool (screw machiens, turret lathes and so forth) It has two rotational axis that are geared together and working in conjunciton. The base of the fixtures indexes on the back stop of your surface grinder mag chuck. The periphery and side of your surface grindng wheel set the primary and relief grinds on the tool in one setting.

What the piece seems to lack is an obvious lock of any sort which seems counter intuitive. What am I missing?

Mike Henry

Aug 18, 2001
Batavia, IL USA
I have one of those as well as 4-page "manual" that came with it. Never really used it, but looks like the angle is locked by tightening a nut under the fixture. PM me with your email address if you want want a copy of the manual.