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BP Lubrication: Oils and Hydraulic Fluids


Sep 20, 2016
Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Good morning...

I see online where everyone is talking about and recommending these lubricant packs for the BP that comes with the 3 or 4 different kinds of lube and looks like people are happy with them. But, they require shipment and are not immediately available today for use now!

Is there anything I can pick up locally at an auto parts store, home depot or Tractor Supply that'll work for the short or even long term? Recently a machine mechanic said that or hydraulic fluid that meets ISO24 would work.

I have a J Head Step Pulley and a Series 2 that both need oil in the head and the one-shot on the knee, both are empty and I need to run them this weekend.




Oct 15, 2016
Kettle Moraine
Directly after acquiring my Bridgeport, during the time required to source the correct fluids, I used SAE 30 non detergent as way lube and hydraulic jack oil as spindle lube to get up and running. Both of these lubes should be available at your local hardware, or you may have them already. There is a well used saying in all matters mechanical, “the oil you have on hand is much better than no oil at all”.
I priced out the “lubes kits”, and felt it a better solution to get a gallon each, of way lube and spindle oil. This quantity will go far, and I’m using it both for my lathe, and mill.


Aug 28, 2013
Use chainsaw bar oil for the ways and hydraulic oil for the spindle. I imagine these oils are actually very similar to what the "correct" oils are stated to be.