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Breaking 1/32 end mills in 6061-T6

Yeah right. We've been hearing that same old stupid crap for fifty years.
At least 50 right! Haha
When I was a kid in the early 70's the Kearns, Utah KFC has a strip of field and a canal running right behind it,
and at night when you pulled in to go through the drive thru when your head light hit the dumpster area, you did see a huge pile of rats scatter, haha

here is the street view from where as you were pulling in toward the drive,
you can see the green covered wall that has the canal behind it,
this is where your lights would hit the dumpsters, good times, grossed my dad out.
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When I was much younger I worked at a shop that used sand casted aluminum blanks and forgings. We popped so many carbide inserts we just switched to PCD exclusively with the sand casted stuff. It may not happen everytime, but when it did I was usually at lunch.