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Bridgeport Quill Spring

Randy in Atlanta

Nov 21, 2003
Covington, GA
I have checke the springs in both BP's
The spring is ok, but the quill just drags with no tool in it.
I think it could be dried oil/ dirt that makes it drag.

Anybody come across this and how did you fix it

Anybody got some ideas without taking the whole thing



Sep 28, 2007
Woodinville, WA
If it bugs you take it apart.. Dropping the quill out is 20 minutes work at best, and that assumes you take the back gear/belt/motor assembly off (3 nuts). Of course, what you find might take a lot longer to fix...

On my J head, the metal guard that protects the quill top when the quill is moved down had lost one of its tabs and was jambing. That with 45 years of crud, required a bunch of cleaning and a handful of small parts.


Jun 26, 2006
Canyon Lake Texas
Bridgeport J head, How do I adjust to get a little more return/retract for heaver tool holders/tools? Thanks in advance
The spring is there to balance the weight of the spindle with a tool in it. It is not meant to retract the quill like on a drill press. You may want to remove the spring to see if it has broken. It takes a turn and a half to preload it properly.


Like the instructions say......'Leave the quill lock tightened unless you are using the spindle to move down.' I always did that and then finally bought an aftermarket product called 'The Educated Nut' and installed it on my BPT in place of the micro locknuts. I keep this in the full up position to prevent the tool from dropping down into my work or the vise. I do not have to fool with the quill lock. If I need to use the spindle I have to only push a button and the nut drops down........pg