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Bridgeport/Romi EZPath encoder pinouts


Jan 13, 2020
I'm starting on a 1996 Bridgeport Romi EZPath AcornSix retrofit - went with that controller so that I can hopefully take advantage of the original dual handwheel MPG encoders and maybe add live tooling in the future. The original controls had already been removed when I bought the lathe, and the schematic that came with it doesn't call out the wire labels for any of the servo, spindle, or MPG encoders. X servo and spindle encoders are both Heidenhain but so old that I can't find diagrams. I have no idea what the z axis encoder is. Does anyone know where I can find the connector pin diagrams or wire label info?
Alternatively, is there a recommended procedure for testing the leads to figure out what's what without releasing the expensive smoke? I have a 2 channel oscope.

The DC servos are SEM MT30M4-38 and MT30F4-45. I'm planning to drive them with Gecko G320X. If that's a bad idea, I do have 2 Delta ECMA-C30807FS AC Servos (ECMAC30807FS 750W) with step/dir compatible drives leftover from another project that could be used. Thanks!

BTW, the gutted bridgeport controls came with with it. PM me if anyone has a use for the old boards


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