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Bridgeport Slotting or Broaching Head For Sale, Carmel California


Sep 28, 2002
Salinas, CA USA
Bridgeport slotting or broaching head, with single phase motor. $600. Two sets of Bridgeport broaches in perfect condition also available, $100 each.

I am listing this for my friend, Richard Purdy. Please contact me if you want more information and I will give you Richard’s phone number. I have no additional information. My email is [email protected]
Richard wants to save one set for the person that buys the broaching head. Of course if they don't want it he will sell it separately also.
I'd cut rim some slack. He's been a contributor for 20 years. Seems to me there's plenty of sellers on here who post more than twice per day.
Not to mention the fact that he's asking about half of what they routinely sell for on ebay. Seems like he's trying to pass along a good deal to a member here, not make a bunch of money selling crap. Great price, listed by a longstanding member of this forum, if I needed one I'd be all over that deal.
I've also seen posts from him as long as I can remember.

Carmel would be a nice drive from my house in Big Basin, if I were back in CA right now. And had some free cash ...

Heck of a deal. About 20% the price of a Lagun? Thought it would be nice to have all the accessories for mine ... I adapted a Bridgeport right angle head to 40 taper, 'couple hunnert' at an auction in RC. Didn't want the NMT-40 on the output anyway.


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Here are some photos. Contact me if you have an interest, dont ask questions here. I will put you in touch with Rich. I am doing this as a favor to a friend who does not know the first thing about the internet. It is worth the trip down to his shop to see the amazing collection of hand tools he has. Lots of rare machinists tools, jewelers lathes and tools, etc.

Sorry for the poor photos, but the head is on a shelf, best I could do. Talk to Rich if you want more photos.

I'd cut rim some slack. He's been a contributor for 20 years. Seems to me there's plenty of sellers on here who post more than twice per day.

While I understand the sentiment, Mebfab is right. Large number of listings by one person can push everybody else's stuff right off the front page. If there are a large number of items to list at once, it's better to list them all in one thread rather than post a large number of individual threads, as Doug mentioned.

The issue is not with posting a large number of items for sale by a longtime member, it's about having a little more consideration for others that are trying to sell their items also.