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Brother M300X3


Cast Iron
May 18, 2007
Yadkinville, NC
I've been given the go ahead to list our Brother M300X3 machine. New in 2020 and as you can see it has very low hours. We purchased the G68.2 and G54.2 dynamic work offset option, machine is currently setup to use G68.2. Also purchased a Blum tool probe that is compatible with both mill and lathe tools. It is not currently setup and working. For work offsets it has a Renishaw wireless probe. Has an LNS belt chip conveyor with air curtain. Flood and shower coolant along with tool wash and TSC. 16000rpm BT30 dual contact spindle. No workholding or milling holders included but it does come with six brand new Lyndex Nikken holders for turning/boring/drilling.

Machine is under power and can be inspected at our facility in Winston-Salem NC 27127.

As far as price goes you will have to call 336-725-4700 and speak with the owner James Inman.

I've been the sole operator of this machine since new. If there are any questions feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer.

Machine is still for sale, now located in East Bend NC 27018. Contact owner James Inman 336-725-4700 or his mobile 336-671-8199 for pricing.
I'm not able to reach the seller and he didn't return any calls. Are you or him still want to sell this machine? Thanks.