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Brother TC 324n Air pressure problem


Jun 11, 2024
Hello all,
I am new to the site and i dont know if this is how it works but i have a question for anyone interested to help.

In the company i work in we have a old Brother TC-324n that from what i gathered worked perfectly back in the time, it has 4th axis for switching from table 1 to 2, it is very fast and strong. Today it's a shadow of its past.
The main problem that i am unable to figure out is the constant air pressure alarm. I have checked the compressor, the pipes, valves and everything physical that i know might be a problem. I have fiddled with the sensors and got them to not push the alarm for some time, but sooner or later the alarm will trigger for no apparent reason. If you wish to help or if toll you have any questions regarding it feel free to contact me.
Thank you in advance.


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Yeah the problem is I don't have any manuals for the machine, like I said I cleaned and fiddled with the gauges for air pressure and made it possible to find the zero point and to be active for about half an hour or so. I have tried to find a manual online but i cant seem to find any.
What i am trying to say is i dont rly know where they are and which type are they.
Thank you so much for answering 🙂.
This is the pressure switch. You can remove the connector and jumper the two wires to test. You can add any normally open off the shelf pressure switch with a 40 psi threshold and connect the wires to it.