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Brown and Sharp Z Accuracy Issue


Jul 21, 2020
We run a Brown & Sharp Global Image 5-7-5 CMM with Pc Dimis control and we're having some very strange accuracy issues in Z. The machine will calibrate perfectly, but when we go to measure something we can't get a consistent value in Z. We've tried cleaning everything we possibly can, and still, when measuring a gauge block it will be anywhere from 0.001-0.004" off which is a little mind blowing. Thinking it might be a bad probe body but wanted to see if anyone else has had a simmilar issue.
Check your probe compensation values. Make sure all are active. Rebuild the probe setup. Make sure that's the exact one in the software probe library.If that ain't working you might have to call probe head builder or Hexagon (better not bc get ready for a $$$ ripoff).