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Brown & Sharpe #2B surface grinder

al macdonald

Apr 20, 2006
Claresholm AB, Canada
I bought this manual grinder at an auction many years ago and have been slowly working on it, while other projects kept bumping it back on the list. The 3 phase motor required a VFD; done. The precision spindle bearings were shot and I was more than a little shocked at the price, but got that done. The guard on the front side of the stone was missing so I needed to make a new one out of a chunk of 1" plate; done. I managed to break one of the tiny oil distribution lines (3/32"), right at the connection to the manifold so I had to make a new compression fitting, and by this time I had stored the compression nut in a very, very safe place so I had to make a new nut. I have the manual and parts list for the 2 and 2B grinder but it is not complete, so I am guessing there were some variations along the production years. For example I see nothing about the oiling system, the filter or pump. I still have one problem in that the oil distribution manifold has one compression nut and line completely missing, and I don't know where it goes. If anyone has one of these machines it isn't hard to crank the table all the way forward, lift both rear dust guards, and look down onto the distribution manifold. The culprit is the right rear line. I'd sure appreciate any help I can get so the secret part of the machine can get lubrication too. Thanks! al.
I have one as well and it’s also just about complete ( having now bought two scrap machines for parts ) only missing one small part that is not completely necessary but would be nice to have. As far as I can tell these never had an oil pump or a central pressurized oiler all of the ones I’ve stripped were just drip oilers and a central tray to fill with oil and let it drip down and oils the machine. I’m down to re-installing the motor and remaking the belt (also bought a belt lacing machine) I have also worked out a planetary gear set to give me fine feed on the down feed…


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What I need is the center in out feed shield that connects to the main casting the one with the pointer or good photos of o. To reproduce … 3d print and make casting …
Maybe highlight on picture or image of a page from the manual (item and page number) and I should be able to shoot over dims and a detailed set of pictures. My project is stripped down to buckets of bits and I should be able to oblige on most any part. Although, the Y axis covers were a little funky in the way they fit. They looked original, but odd enough of a config that I would not bet on it.
BTW - looks like you had your column scraped...did you have to add any shim material to the inner ways or was this area left with enough material that it was not needed? What did you use, metal(brass or steel) or plastic (Rulon like)? Also, was it done while attached to the base or was the column removed and laid down horizontal? My plan is the latter.