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Brush Servo Amp Riddle VF-OE 1995


Jul 30, 2019
Riddle me this, not long had a drive card repaired on my behalf by a very good but very busy Haas guy who's testing ability is limited - It's an ancient machine!

Anyway, it won't rapid at anything above 5% without giving a 163 over current fault so a G28 or standard speed axis zeroing is out BUT, I can feed it at up to 4m/min and spin the hand jog as hard as I can and it won't flag up an error.

Thoughts anyone?

Should I adjust the accelerations in the parameters or any other setting to dodge this?

None of my other drive cards do it on any of the axes, so it's the card as opposed to the motor.

Side note.
Also noticed that despite having brush servos, the parameters for each axis have a 0 (zero) as opposed to a 1. Logically I'd have thought 1 would mean yes, it has brushed servos, but bafflingly it seems not.
163 is the Z axis over current.
Try swapping boards with another axis. That tells you board or cable/motor.
Disable X or Y and plug that cable into Z. Then try rapid moves.
Carbon build up in the motor causes over load at rapids but not at slow speed. The windings have to be flushed out. Blowing air into the brush holders will make it worse.
Yours is probably when Haas started using BLDC motors. your software probably is not set up for the option.
Thanks for the help.

Cleaned this 2nd hand board only to find a few solder joints were dry and one was cracked on the motor output, yet to test it but I think I've found the smoking gun.

Thought getting rid of the carbon dust would be the preferred option, no?