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C-axis "dashed out" on Haas ST 15y


Dec 20, 2023
Hey y'all

I googled and googled, read the manual, and asked my boss, who called a couple friends, but none of us can figure out why the c-axis on this machine is "dashed out," showing dashes across the position page, even when M154 is called. The jog is also not working for the c-axis, but it works for X, Y, and Z.

We need to orient the part in reference to a hole drilled on the OD during the first op.

Thanks in advance to anyone who has any pointers. He thinks it's a parameter, but can't find it in the settings.
I'm not familiar with Haas.... But isn't C axis an option (meaning yours could be missing it) on pretty much any CNC lathe? Have you ever had C axis on this lathe before?