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Calculated Industries Launching New Machinist Calc® Pro 2 at IMTS


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May 14, 2009
In 2010 Calculated Industries (CI) introduced a new handheld calculator specifically designed for machinists at the IMTS show in Chicago. The Machinist Calc® Pro Advanced Machining Math calculator (Model 4087) quickly became a must-have tool in machine shops around the world.

At IMTS 2014, CI is introducing The Machinist Calc Pro 2, which provides hundreds of fast, precise machining-specific solutions for face, end and slot milling plus turning, drilling, and boring. This advanced tool has built-in tables for 20 materials, 6 processes and 3 tools that will save time and increase productivity.

The MachinistCalc Pro has become a significant part of many machining training programs, including those in the Haas HTEC Network. It is also used at the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills competitions for CNC Milling, CNC Turning and Precision Machining.

Dedicated functions of the Machinist Calc Pro 2 include:

Cutting Speed, Spindle Speed (RPM)
Feed Rate, Cutting Feed, Feed per Tooth (Chip Load)
Bolt Pattern hole layouts
Built-in Drill and Thread Size Tables
Drill Point Cut Depth solutions
Trigonometric and Right triangle solutions
Wire Sizes and 3-Wire measurements

To get a hands-on demonstration of the Machinist Calc Pro 2 at IMTS 2014, stop by Booth E-5413. Be sure to ask about special show pricing. For more information on the Machinist Calc Pro and Pro 2, including video demonstrations, go to Calculated Industries Professional Calculators & Measuring Tools including the Construction Master calculators and Scale Master plan measures.

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Founded in 1978, Calculated Industries is the country’s leading manufacturer of professional trade calculators and digital measuring tools. CI products are designed and tech-supported in Carson City, Nevada.

Calculated Industries
4840 Hytech Drive
Carson City, NV 89706
[email protected]


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Feb 20, 2014
Asheville, NC, USA
Also, many people may not know this, but the Machinist Calc Pro (I guess MC Pro 2 IS NOT available yet) is also available as an app through Google Play or Apples App Store for $20>. Significant savings and one less device to carry around!

Nick Mueller

Jun 12, 2006
Munich / Germany
Why did they label the buttons "IPM" and "IPT"? Are they trying to bring back inches to the rest of the world? Aren't there more generic names like "Vf" and "fz"?
And with the materials-DB, I expect I'll have to learn the US names.

Looks like a leap backwards to me. I have to Calc Pro and I like it.