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Calling TM1 w ATC owners


Apr 2, 2017
Hi everyone,

I know this should probably go in the machine specific section, but I've never gotten a response on any of my threads over there.

I have a 2004 TM1 and am in the process of adding the ATC myself. We have the mounting, spindle orient, and tool change z offset stuff figured out. But what I don't know is what settings and parameters we need to change and what to change them to.

Anyone with a TM1 and an Automatic Tool Changer willing to send pictures of your parameters and settings pages?


Reference for anyone also dealing with this
Tool Changer Offset
Umbrella Tool Changer - Set Parameter 64 - Z-Axis Tool Change Offset | Customer Resource Center

Spindle Orient
Set Spindle Orientation on your Haas Mill with an Umbrella Tool Changer - Haas Automation Service - YouTube