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CAM vs Fusion 360

Dan B

Hot Rolled
Feb 18, 2006
Ontario, Canada
Also, the post is in JavaScript so I had to learn some of that to make some minor modifications to the post. That wasn’t too hard because I have messed with macros before (on a very limited scale, but just enough) and it seems very similar to macros. The hardest part for me is finding where to put the features I want in the post in the 6000 line JavaScript file.

There is a video on the NYCCNC website that deals specifically with making post changes. If you haven't seen that one yet you should take a look.


Aug 9, 2022
You learn CAD software to MAKE STUFF, not just to know CAD software. So, spending time worrying whether you're using the right software is time you're not actually making stuff.

Personally I appreciate Fusion, The one limitation of Fusion is that it chokes on large assemblies. For that kind of thing you need Inventor or Solidworks. But for single models, it's awesome, and can even handle small assemblies.

I use a XP-Pen Artist Pro 16 pen display plus a the 3dconnexion space mouse for navigating the view. Works quiet good. An advantage is the roller wheel on xppen deco 03 tablet so i can use it for panning and zooming the sketch area.