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Cam work for hire


Dec 14, 2007
Looking for someone to do cam with 360. For SL20 on a part by part bases until I can train myself.
I supply the stp file.

you don't have to give a stp file, all you have to do is share your Fusion file with the person and you be able to see all the work they do on it right away. we do that with our students in a team enviroment, works great. you can then unshare when it is done.
if you send them the stp file you are still under the non discloser cause your sending them part. same difference
If you don’t find anyone else, I’m looking to expand my skillset. I’ll do it for free, since there is a risk on your end. I have access to fusion 360 and most of my experience is with haas mills but I do have a tad bit experience with st15 haas lathe. Send me a dm if you’re interested.