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Can anyone Identify this old lathe?

Joe in NH

Jul 28, 2007
Stratham, Cow Hampshire
Yeahhhhhh. Nah. Non of that is there.
Well, at least half of what above is.

Poss L&M.png
Looking VERY Lathe & Morse in this pix. Here you're only missing the T-slide.

The carriage appears all ready to move right to left. Well, except for the feed rod to make it happen.

Based on the bed design I would put this to "Lathe & Morse Tool Company" which is the nom-de-plume after 1871.

It would be a fun little lathe for someone to bring back. I would do it myself except I already have TWO Ames-Chicopee "Toolmaker" lathes which are similar use/application.

Old iron expands to fill available space - of course.

Joe in NH