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Can "Moore Jig Borer Model #3" surface grind flat surfaces?

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The problem he wants to solve isn't making micro fins. The problem he wants to solve is how to cool the chip. He came up with these tiny copper fins and now he's gone deep down the rabbit hole of how to manufacture them.

If he would just answer the questions, he would soon realize that there are far easier ways to get to the solution that don't require any of the machining he thinks it does. Then he would be free to continue his quest for global domination and showing the low-IQ folks what he's really capable of.
Agreed. He's zeroed in on one small problem related to the heat management of CPUs and seems to be driven by some desire to get the overall size of his computer box smaller and thus somehow feels that water circulation will get him there. I also believe he's coming from a gaming background, where the cool factor comes from having an impressive visual appearance to the computer. And then he goes off the deep end trying to come up with inexpensive machines to manufacture his waterblock, basically caught up in the trees and not stepping back and evaluating from a high level what problem he's trying to solve and trying to understand the real requirements for such problem. Added to that are all sorts of unrealistic ideas about the market for his ideas.
One thing I found out about the iron game is you may start not being particularly humble but the job itself has a habit of making you humble. So much to learn, so little time. You’re always working with guys that are so much smarter than you. That’s if you’re actually getting your hands dirty and not spending all your time on YouTube.

Regards Tyrone.
Yes, over and over and over I get humbled by working with metal. But after each little bump in the road I get a little better at it. Love this activity, both intellectual and muscle memory in play....
Hi All:
I've been looking over this thread with a mix of amusement and dismay as I watch the unveiling of something... weird.
All I can truly say after a casual viewing of this thread, is that our OP is awfully noisy and has no shortage of robust positive self regard.

Eventually he will go away on his own once he decides that all of us are his intellectual inferiors and his outrage that we're not genuflecting before his genius properly, fades away.
Right now, he's still in full-on dick swinging mode and will not be stopped by an application of inconvenient reason, so I encourage all of you not to bother trying.

He'll have to come up with a new PM identity before I waste any more brain space trying to offer a sensible answer to any of his questions.
I figure he can work out his own solutions...he certainly doesn't need any advice from a banana loving dope like me.
But I'll happily try to help anyone else who has stuff I might be able to contribute to.



rajhlinux is a troll. See his masterpiece work of trolling here:

got 511 responses.

He's pretty good at it, I must admit.

You mentally challenged ignorant low IQ monkey assumes this has to do with radiation (AKA RADIATOR) which only works in the principles of open space and or air. You immensely dumb horse shit can not and will not learn that "water blocks" does not operate in those constructs nor physics of it.
This right here is a huge tell. No understanding of the most basic concepts of heat transfer. He also hasn't spent ten minutes looking it up on YouTube or the web.

What he wants to do is pick up 100 lbs. He has a hoist strung with 15 lb fishing line. He's telling everyone that they're too dumb to see that it will lift far more than that if you use bigger hooks and a pulley. Nobody understands because of their low IQ. If you just use Moore Jig Borer #3 as a power source, all loads can be lifted with delicate, micron precision but, you monkeys can't understand that.
Holy hell, what a clusterfuck. I step away from the Internet for a few hours... Anyhooo, @rajhlinux is on temporary hiatus until all the warnings I gave him for the insulting messages in the last couple pages of this thread expire. Rajhlinux, I would advise you to tone it down in the future if you don't want to find yourself in another one. If you can't control yourself, it will be made permanent.
From an engineering standpoint, these are questions I would be asking:
- is the water block even needed at all? leads to questions like how much heat coming off that GPU, will an ordinary off the shelf heat sink handle that heat load? might be interesting to do some experimentation with a thermocouple, maybe there isn't a problem at all here to be solved
- is the goal here to build a product? if so, need to do some market research and understand customers needs, competitors, barriers to entry, manufacturing costs and pricing, etc...
- if decided water block is needed, should study whether the surface must be uber flat, maybe simple milled surface is fine, since have thermal paste and rickity surface on GPU anyway...then why all the stress on using a Moore jig grinder, just go to your local machine shop and have them fabricate a simple prototype on a vertical mill or CNC machine...once you have prototype, do some thermal studies, see if it makes any difference, get a feel for manufacturing costs, etc....then can decide whether this project is worth the effort
- he wants a water block and also some kind of copper finned radiator, neither of these are easily manufactured with a home brew CNC machine or a Moore jig grinder, should spend some time talking to manufacturers determing best method of creating these for cost effective product...
- if he's just wanting to play around with one little project for its own sake, take some community college classes and learn to be a machinist, then all will become clear that maybe a Bridgeport would be ideal for his little projects
Dumbass I work in advanced AI where you stupid ass computer scientists program in Python, you went to college to get taught learning bullshit
and can't even program tensor cores directly or low level accelerated hardware because of low IQ.

Here is a nice banana for you to boost your IQ ---> 🍌

To quote the late great Robin Williams

Hey thanks eKretz:
Wield that moderator's shotgun with enthusiasm and make the increasingly awful noise just go away.
I promise you...I won't miss the racket at all.:D


I was hoping for his lock out.
On that Hobbby Machinist forum his ban was a trrolls fault. Right!
Thank you ekrets.
Locking the thread wouldn't hurt any feelings.
Its interesting and heartening that most of the interaction by regular forum members has taken the high road and not responded tit-for-tat to this guy. Well done, folks!

Agreed, well handled indeed. Great job showing restraint, fellas. I will go ahead and lock this. I didn't realize this was the same banana guy. So that's two strikes, then. I won't forget this time.
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