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Can o worms getting opened here.........

polish avenger

Apr 25, 2012
My first post was "This is the part, now what machine". I got GREAT feedback and for that thanks. Im now looking at brands for cnc machines. Across the board Im getting all kinds of comments about all different brands. The 3 I am currently looking at are Hurco, HAAS and Atrump, for both cnc lathe and vmc. Seems all three get great and bad reviews from a host of different people. I like the Hurco because they are close {30 min away} the service after the sale would be great if I have problems im
guessing. HAAS for price. Atrump because of the conversational programming of the centroid controller. Right now I DO NOT plan on running production parts, not my gig at the moment. I just want a quality machine that I wont have to have a tech out once every week to fix. I also know no matter how great the quality all machines will goof up somewhere somehow some time. Maintance is the key I feel. I think all 3 are quality. I could be wrong. Im open to used machinery as well. Any input? I didnt want to sound like the guys that just post "What machine to buy". Thanks for all the comments in advance. I know its vague, but any constructive comments would be appreciated.......Robert Stenski

Dave K

Mar 21, 2004
Waukesha, WI
You may want to be more specific in your thread title. "Opening can o worms" could be any can of worms. Just warning you, it could get locked.


Feb 1, 2011
Las Vegas, NV
I own both an Atrump Lathe (1940) and VMC (E8EC w/full enclosures). Both are excellent machines and I have had no problems. I bought them for the centroid controller, but honestly use the conversational mode very little. I do 95% of my programming in camworks. I do lots of one-offs, and small production runs, and they suit me just fine. The two small problems I have had were quickly and easily adressed via a phone call.


Nov 21, 2002

I own both Hurco and Haas mills (a Milltronics too), and Haas and Okuma/Genos lathes.

For the mill:
If you can, step up to the VMX line of the Hurco. You WILL NOT regret it.
Sorry Haas, but the Hurco will spit out the same part, with the same HSS roughing paths in MUCH LESS time, with a better overal part.
It is also a beefier machine to boot.

For the lathes:
Between Haas and Hurco, I'd go Haas. I did look at the Hurco lathes a few times over the past 3/4 years. IMHO, I just felt they were too skimpy under the sheetmetal. I have no basis in fact here, just my opinion.
Things could have changed over the past year however. Ask [email protected] about that and I'm sure He'll give you the skinny.

Alas, I ended up buying the Genos after comparing Haas, Hurco, Daewoo, and Okuma.
It [Okuma Genos] fit the bill price wise, and had a lot of nice features & pricing that made the lathe more attractive then the competitors.

My $.02