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Carbide tool manufacturer round up


Jun 6, 2019
DFW, Texas
I found this out today while looking for drills that there has apparently been a whole lot of acquisitions going on lately of tool makers. Through out this year and probably earlier if I can find it it appears that GWS Tool group has been gobbling up other carbide tool manufactures in order to increase it's value to it's recently announced acquisition by Walter Tools.

Just looking at a quick list for this last year GWS has bought out: CJT Koolcarb, Inc., GenHam Diamond Tooling, Monster Tool Company, Indexable Cutting Tools of Canada, Inc., and Taurus Tool & Engineering.

Then looking back into 2020 you have STF Precision (STF), North American Tool Corporation, and Intrepid Tool Industries.

This looks to be a huge consolidation going on. I wonder how many other smaller companies have been gobbled up that have gone unnoticed. How many people will lose their jobs as these companies are shut down and their product lines shifted into the main fold.


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