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Case of the missing K&T Vertical Head Drive Gear / Slotting Head Driver


Oct 30, 2016

Through the help of PM, and willing participants. We have helped reverse engineer, and fabricate replacement drive gears for those who have a vertical head attachment. Currently there are 5 gear replacements for the various style vertical heads & machines, and even including a slotting head driver.

If you are one of those individuals who are missing a drive gear, feel free to reach out, and we will do our best to assist. Right now there is a solution for, but not limited to:

2HL - Heavy Duty Universal Milling Attachment (32 tooth driver - 32 tooth driven)
2HL - Heavy Duty Vertical Milling Attachment (38 tooth driver - 26 tooth driven)
2HL - Std. High Speed Adj. Universal Milling Attachment (24 tooth driver - 23 tooth driven)
2H - Std. High Speed Adj. Universal Milling Attachment (30 tooth driver - 24 tooth driven)
2K&3K - Std. High Speed Adj. Universal Milling Attachment (35 tooth driver - 21 tooth driven)
3CH - Slotting Head Attachment (Driver)

Couple of common FAQs:

These gears are not hardened, and will be made out of HR1045 Steel unless specified.
Happy to share the reverse engineered calculations for each gear set to help determine the right fit.
These gears are manufactured on a horizontal mill with dividing head & leads attachment, and not made on a gear hobbing machine.

Thanks! Here to help.


Jul 16, 2004
Houston, TX USA
You could probably add the 32 / 32 combination to 2H / 2CH since my 2CH seems happy with such driving the double swivel heavy duty with 40 NMTB spindle


Aug 19, 2003
port allen, louisiana usa
I think on the Heavy Duty Vertical Milling Attachment, page 17, you will find that the gear set is common with other heads of this type.. That is, the driver is part #22709 and driven is #21543.... The 38/26 tooth combination, to this day, I am puzzled about...My unit takes the 38/26 combination and I have no idea why unless it was some special order unit.. I had to cut the 38 tooth gear but I swapped the gear set out of my universal head and it worked fine .. That is, I used driver 22709 with driven 21543... Here is the manual I uploaded to Keith's site some time back which illustrates the gear set part numbers for various units: Kearney & Trecker Co. - Publication Reprints - Standard Attachments for Knee Type Milling Machines - Manual | VintageMachinery.org

Cheers from hot Louisiana; Ramsay 1:)