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Centerless grinder


Sep 13, 2022
Hello all. Presently, I'm running a center-less grinder model is a Royal Master 12x4. 12x4 is the diameter, and width respectively of the work wheel, or abrasive grinding wheel. The wheel speed is 2040 rpm which is 6400 sf/m. The question I have is, what should I be feeding my parts through the machine? I'm currently running 6/7 titanium, and occasionally 6/4. At present it's being run at 48 inches per minute. The diameter is .110.
My reg wheel is turning at 60 rpm, however the person responsible for setting up the machine set the helix for the reg wheel @ 3 degrees, and the dress angle for the reg wheel @ 2.5 degrees. Our finish tolerance is .00015. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Aug 13, 2005
Tucson AZ
Your feeed seems fast to me. Must be quite a light show with Ti. If the parts are meeting that spec continuously I would leave the regulating wheel alone. If it is iffy then try getting then at the same angle. I would be most concerned with the feed rate. If it it ain't broke , don't fix it.