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Chambering mishap, saved by the process


Predrilled the chamber to the base to shoulder dimension of the cartridge. Didn't allow for the case head being clear of the barrel for the bolt c'bore, making it 1/8" too deep. Fortunately, I rough the shank and chamber a little deep before threading and finishing the shank to headspace dimension. That saved me the trouble of picking up the thread and extending it, or cutting a relief groove. Cost me an 1/8" of barrel length, but I think I can live with that.

Picked up this method years ago from the writings of Jackie Schmidt. His reason made sense, being able to inspect the chamber before doing the easy stuff.


Apr 24, 2013
Mercer Island WA
When I drill the chamber, it is a short distance ~ 1/2" and the clean up with boring bar, and then the reamer.
I want the pilot always engaged in the bore. After a the reamer has got the taper going, I can leave out the boring bar in each step.
1903 Turkish Mauser rebarreling drilling chamber 6-23-2015.jpg

Chambering 6.5-06 7-20-2015.jpg


Dec 18, 2019
That's a good process. I think some people shy away from it to prevent chamber dimensions changing as you remove material from the outside. With better stress reliving now days its probably nothing to worry about