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Chambering woes

Reamers do not cut to the size of the reamer they cut slightly oversize, the amount oversize is dependent on the cutting fluid used. Reamer holders with radial float won't sort out all the problems either. If your tail stock is pointing slightly up or down the reamer will go in on an angle and the back of the chamber will be oversize.
For a 22LR you don't need a roughing reamer.

Bore has to be on center better then .0002TIR. The reamer has to be in a floating holder.
.22lr is a frustrating thing to make accurate it's very different from center fire.

And then there's issue with good consistant lots of ammunition. I have lots of Lapua and Eley that are sub-MOA in a 10/22 at 50 yards., and some lots of Lupua and Eley that are 2 MOA at 50 yards.

I don't like bolt action rifles. So current rifle is a Kidd 10/22. I've just chambered a Anscutz match barrel for the Kidd, interesting to see if it's any better.
Hi All,
Looking for advice on chambering a 22LR barrel.

I'm assuming you have the right reamer for the style of action of the 22? Because the reamer dimensions for bolt action and 10/22 semi-autos are different.
We think alike.

I converted my 10/22 to accept rpr barrels as I have several with various chamber dimensions.

As expected a 1.4 moa barrel on a bolt gun us a 1.4 moa barrel on a semi...

Ps my stock rpr barrel/ chamber is about 1.8 moa on either platform and functions fine with Ely match on my 10/22.
I have a substantial fetish for double duece and have cut a few chambers, nearing a couple hundred if I dare guess. I had problems with my first few trying to cut them in the lathe. An old friend suggested a little different approach that works very well and I've produced a few rifles that shoot far above their operator's capabilities. The amount of material cut for the rimfire is very small, keeping the cut and cutter clean is probably the most important part, don't cut this chamber in your lathe. I follow the chamber procedures of the Johnson's and a guy named Hubalek. The chamber is cut so the bullet engraves the lands, so I only cut the rim fit in the lathe. For the actual chamber, I hold the barrel vertical in a bench vise and perform this cut manually using a t-handle. Another secret I'll share is make a slurry out of contraband "white lead" and dark sulphur based cutting oil. Yes I know the white lead is harmful - don't eat it, smoke, dip when you're using it, but the same goes for the projectiles we're shooting. Go slow, clean frequently and measure often. I'm guessing the reamer you've been using is dull by now and a new one or a resharp will be required.. Scope the bore and see if there is a burr on the leeward side of the lands in the throat, that's a good indicator defining your reamers condition.
my 5¢ worth of details.
The one thing I didn't mention, if this chamber is for a semi auto, disregard my previous post. Tight and engraving chambers rarely work in these applications.