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Changing the time on a big clock

Jim Christie

Mar 14, 2007
L'Orignal, Ontario Canada
I saw this on TV last night and and thought some here might like to see it
The You Tube link may work better for longer for some of you .
Changing the time on a big clock
Changing the time on a big clock - YouTube
copied from the link,.
“Published on Nov 2, 2018
“As daylight time comes to an end this weekend, one Toronto man will be up bright and early to make sure one of Canada's historic landmarks isn't out of step with the times. The clock tower at Toronto's Old City Hall began operating in 1900, and thanks to John Scott's careful and continuous tinkering, it rarely drifts more than a few seconds out of time.”
Original link
Changing the time on a big clock | CBC News

I noticed there are other posts and videos on line with more or different photos or details about the clock for those that might be interested.
I looked at these
What it looks like inside the clock tower at Old City Hall


Search link
toronto old city hall clock tower - Google Search

Artwork in old machinery. A time when appearance meant something.
The craftsmanship in the gearing and wheels reminds me of the machinery in the Tower Bridge that raises and lowers the drawbridge there. Truly art. Thanks for sharing.